Safer Cities Yaoundé


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Yaoundé, Camerún.
Programa Safer Cities, de Un-Habitat.
Launched: 2001.
Funded by: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Cameroon.




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Launched: 2001

Funded by: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Cameroon

Safer Cities Cameroon is a component of the Urban Governance Programme that UN-HABITAT executes in the country with support from UNDP and other partners. The Safer Cities component started off in Yaoundé and was extended to Douala in 2003. There are plans to extend support to the cities of Bamenda and Maroua during 2005.


•  Appointment of a team to develop the local safety appraisal in Yaoundé (2000) and Douala (2003).

•  Restitution workshop held to discuss safety appraisal findings and propose priorities for action in both cities (in 2001 in Yaoundé and in 2003 in Douala ).

•  Diagnosis of insecurity report prepared and validated in both cities.

•  Crime prevention strategies developed for both cities and at municipal level (Yaoundé city has six municipalities, Douala has five municipalities) through city-wide consultations and collaboration.

•  The strategies focus on:

•  improvement of police-citizen relations and access to justice and institutional reform.

•  youth at risk and in conflict with the law,

•  gender violence

•  physical improvement and situational prevention measures

Activities in Yaoundé

•  Local prevention committees have been formed in each of the six municipalities to work in direct collaboration with the Mayor. A city level Urban prevention committee, chaired by the "delegué du gouvernement" coordinates proposals put forward at the municipal level and links with central government departments. Working groups are being formed to deal with specific areas of intervention.

•  Municipal level pilot activities have been developed and resources are being raised to support their implementation. Activities cover the different areas of prevention and aim to develop local models of intervention to be replicated city-wide.

•  A project to strengthen service provision to women victim of violence was launched recently. Its medium term aim is to develop a network of service providers in support of victims of violence, ranging from legal services, to health assistance to financial support.

•  The project is also supporting the formulation of the Municipal Police for the City of Yaoundé , which will lead to the development of the legal frameworks and the implementation of the Municipal Police in the city.

•  The 'safety audit' conducted with the sellers of a major market in the city is providing insights for the redesign of the market and further improving user involvement in project design in the city.

Activities in Douala

•  The Diagnosis conducted in 2003 has included a city-wide victim survey and the environmental assessment of 10 areas of the city.

•  Pilot project supporting former street-children through self-employment is being implemented in collaboration with a local NGO.

•  Other pilot projects being formulated include: early care for the children of market sellers; reduction of vandalism on public lights etc.

Zephirin Emini, Coordinator
Safer Yaounde
UNDP, BP 836, Yaounde , Cameroon
Tel: +237-9909898

Mamert Loe, Coordinator
Safer Douala, Douala Urban Council
BP 43, Douala, Cameroon
Tel: +237-9976078
Fax: + 237-3426950


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